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Our website contains a lot of info about starting a small business and keeping it running. You can read several articles about different aspects of small business management, but the most efficient way to learn all of that is to watch our instruction videos. It will be quite easy to understand what we want to convey when you hear it, rather than reading. These videos will introduce you to basics of starting a small company, and our articles will continue with some more complex subjects.

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First steps in opening a business are some of the most important decisions you will have to make. Take your time and do every task as thoroughly as possible and make sure that everything is OK before you invest a significant amount of money in a venture. Don’t be afraid to change the direction of your business if market research shows that you don’t have a future in the industry you first had in mind.

Raising the income of an already established business is easier than you thought. Find professional workers (their salary will be high), and they will increase the productivity and the quality of the product (service) you offer. You can also introduce special deals, and they will attract new clients, and some of them will become regulars.

You’ve got a plethora of options when it comes to marketing. If you want to attract young clients, then focus on social media like Facebook and Instagram. Older clients don’t use them as much, and thus you should focus on fliers and articles in local newspapers. Choosing a right media to advertise was, and still is a key for success.


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Hire professionals rather than amateurs that you know. People tend to hire people that are close to them and save some money on salaries. Don’t do that. Pay more for experts as they will do better work and they will do more work.

Start your business with average and below average prices. Put in some special deals as well, and they will attract clients. You will run a loss in first few months, but you will see profit once you create a large customer base.

People that don’t do market research lose money, so do it, even if it means paying a professional. Don’t look at that as wasting money, but rather as an investment that will tell you whether it is smart to start doing business or not.




Thanks Fetopia, your instructions, and advice helped me to start a successful business even though others told me I would face bankruptcy



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